Syntax Highlighting

Posted by hello on August 1st at 19:54

You're all programmers, right? And you're writing code snippets on your Sculpin powered blog? Yeah. So you want some highlighting with your static site generation? Here you go!

namespace Foo;

 * Awesome Contrived Example.
class Bar implements BarInterface
    private $baz;

    public function __construct(BazInterface $baz)
        $this->baz = $baz;

    public function doIt()
        return $this->baz->do('it');

You can also use fenced code blocks with a syntax declaration at the top. You can use either ~ or ` to mark them.

if ($fencedCodeBlock->syntax !== 'PHP') {
    throw new UnexpectedValueException("wat");

Like this addition to the skeleton? You can thank for @Pawka for suggesting it. :)

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